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    I recently bought a remanufactured Gateway 1.4Ghz computer from Tiger Direct. My plan is to transfer the guts to a larger case and build a PC that I will connect to my audio/video system. One of my main projects will be to transfer my LPs and tapes to CD. That being said, here are my questions:

    1. What is the best sound card to get? I was thinking the new Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum since it was nice front panel connections.

    2. Video card recommendations? I would like one that could allow me to record TV like a TIVO or similar hard disk recorder.

    3. What is the best CD recording software. Since I am going to record LPs, some of which are very old and have a lot pops and cracks, I need something that is good at eliminating noise. Also anyone have experience doing this? How do you allow for making individual CD tracks from LP tracks?

    Any advice would be appreciated since I have a lot of LPs that still have not seen the light of day on CD.
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    Since you will be transferring your vinyl to CD, I would recommend that you check the tracks very carefully. Many of the "automatic" pop and hiss elimination filters can also filter out legitimate music information.

    I have a few albums I have transferred and I edited the WAV files manually rather than trusting the filters to do the work. It is time consuming, but well worth the effort in my opinion.

    Good Luck!
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    The only thing I have to say on this is that when you are looking to buy a sound card make sure you check its Analog to Digital transfer for recording. A lot of commercial cards out there have very good Digital to Analog converters for playback but end up using 16bit or lower A/D's for recording. BTW you might want to look and some of the Sonic Foundry software for your recording and like Jasen said watch out for the pop and hiss filters.

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