Building a cabinet for RPTV, front speakers

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    The way my den is laid out, people have to walk around my RPTV and one of my front speakers to get to the seating area. My fronts are on normal elevated speaker stands and the dog has come close to knocking over the right front on numerous occasions and has succeeded twice.
    I want to build a cabinet that encompasses my 40H80 Toshiba (40") and will hold my front surrounds and center channel speakers. What I am concerned about is reverberations and boominess and what not from the speakers.
    Can anyone offer any tips on how to build something like this so as to sonically isolate the speakers from the cabinet itself? I'm not much of a speaker expert so I hope this all makes sense.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Even though my Scotties never knocked over a speaker I built everything into a armoire.
    You can see some old (very dark,sorry) photos at
    I used sound dampening board in the speaker cabinet above the armoire...does a great job and everyone says it sounds terrific.
    With digital electronics, feedback isn't a problem. If you like records, isolate the hell out of the turntable.
    I found the armoire cheaper than what I could buy the wood for and it made the wife happy.
    Depends on your decore but for a SF Victorian built in 1896, it works out great!
    good luck and feel free to email me if you have other questions
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