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    Hi everyone. This is my first post here, and I'm farely new at this hobby too, so my questions will be those of a newbie. I'll also be gone for a week, so if I don't post, please don't think I'm flaking out.
    Have you ever heard of Zalytron? (, I believe). The sell drivers for you to build your own speakers. I've heard that they sell the drivers that the big brands like B&W use (accuton, cabasse, etc.) I was wondering if this could be true? I build acoustic guitars, and I know it's possible to build a very nice guitar rivaling the name brands. Could is be possible to build a speaker which rivals the big brands?
    If so, how do you go about picking the drivers? If I wanted to "clone" a speaker, how would I go about doing that? I don't know how to read the specs or anything like that yet.
    What are the sonic differences between the different types of drivers on the zalytron page?
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    Welcome to the forum. First of all, there is an area of the forum devoted to DIY- its the first one on the list (as it should be!) One of the moderators will probably move your post over there. Second, it is easily possible to match, surpass infact the quality of major speaker manufacturers. We have access to most of the same high quality raw materials (drivers, binding posts, caps, inductors etc) that they do, and with DIY you don't have to cut corners to keep production costs down. Besides Zalytron which you've discovered, there are many more suppliers of kit components. I strongly suggest you start with a kit or a sub. You can't just throw some drivers in a box. The kits have tweaked crossovers and cabinet plans that combine with the drivers to make a harmonious unit. Other good suppliers to look at are Adire, Northcreek, Madisound and ACI. I have bought stuff from adire, ACI and Madisound- thery are all great to work with. There are a few others also.
    Just pick a price range and an application (ie, what you will use them for) and you will get lots of specific recomendations here and also here:
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    Hi James...welcome to HTF.
    As a first step, I'd purchase the Loudspeaker Recipe Cookbook by Vance Dickason. Reading this book will introduce you to speaker building.
    There are some websites on the internet that are useful;
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