BTTF trilogy for $32.52 shipped

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  1. Grant

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    Sep 6, 2000
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    This is for the widescreen version of the Back to the Future DVD box set. I found this through
    The link takes you to with the "reward code" (upper right corner) of CPLAYDPC60 automatically filled in for you. The price should come up as $33.53 - $1.00, and it includes free first class shipping in the US.
    I don't know how long this reward code will work.
    I don't work for playcentric or bargainflix (but I like that site).
    I did order this myself today and it went through with the price of $32.52 (US).
  2. Phil Tomaskovic

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    May 8, 1999
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    3 lists it for $39.99 so I expect it will be at least that cheap opening week. I was thinking of ordering from with the MSN holiday special. They currently list it for $49.99 so I will get 20% credit ($10) in Feb for another purchase. Then I will go to circuitcity and request a pricematch when I get it in the mail.

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