Bright "smear" on 32" Sony Trinitron?

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  1. Todd Hostettler

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    Jun 7, 1999
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    Recently, on my 6-ish year old Sony KV-32S25, I’ve begun to notice a left-to-right "smearing" of bright picture detail. It’s especially distracting during "starfield" scenes, with bright white stars against black space.
    Every month or so, I’ve calibrated it using Video Essentials… and had to set artificially low brightness and/or picture settings to minimize the problem.
    Anyone care to offer any solutions and/or insights?
  2. Allan Jayne

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    IMHO it is close to the time to buy a new TV.
    The electronics are starting to degenerate. The electronics are not turning off the electron beam as fast as needed to follow the video signal waveform. (You probably noticed that the horizontal resolution pattern in your Video Essentials is no longer clear.) According to Consumer Reports magazine, six years for a direct view TV is close to the point where, on a watered down average, it is better to replace rather than repair it.
    At this time make a list and ask yourself questions such as, is the TV adequate for your needs, enough input jacks, component video input, picture in picture, big enough screen, picks up distant stations well, able to be converged to your satisfaction, etc. If your wish list is significant, start saving up for a new TV.
    You can call a serviceman, describing the symptoms, but be prepared to pay an inspection charge even if you don't want him to go ahead and make the repair.
    Other video hints:
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