Breathing life back into REALLY old Projection TV's

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Anthony_Gomez, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. My parents have a really old 45" Panasonic TV. I'd guess it was purchased around the late 80's to early 90's. Think dinosaur.

    They are going to get a new TV, but this for a FACT isn't going to happen for about 2-3 years. The biggest problem with the TV is lack of focus. I am fairly confident that the problem is that over the years there is considerable misalignment with either a mirror or lens.

    Is this some sort of thing that I might be able to fix by myself with Avia and manually re-aligning things?

    I have never done such, but I am fairly handy with DIY (almost)everything.

    I know I probably can't match factory specs, but I think I can get it better than it currently is.

    (If listing the actual product number/name helps, I'll go look at the back of the TV)

    Perhaps this just is way beyond me....but since I have no experience with realigning TV's (I do with lasers![​IMG] I thought I'd ask here.

    Thanks for any advice!!
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    Probably a combination of the mirror being very dusty and the age of the tubes. The mirror you can clean. Do a search for the proper procedure. The tubes' age you can't do much about except for replace them.

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    Yes go in and do a major clean job of mirror and lenses, Careful to not go to low on the removing lenses cus the last one is liquid filled, If it has a painted Red screw do not remove it! Look closely at the Glycol liquid to see if it is contaminated, you should just see the white crt surface, if not you might want to have a tech replace it. This should help and is not too hard to do or costly. Have you checked the Convergence, color temp and other user adjustments?

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    Yup...I'm proud to say I've done wonders on old RPTVs just by cleaning the lenses and doing some convergence adjustment. They always say it looks like a new set. Be warned though as word of ur work do get out fast and u'll see friends of friends trying to convince u to do thier dying sets.

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