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    Has anyone heard of a break out cable to convert either (HDMI or DVI) to componant video with a horizontal and vertical sync?

    So the input configuration on my projector would be

    ( y / Pb / Pr / H / V )


  2. Allan Jayne

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    This would be a device (a box with electronics), not just a cable. Unfortunately I do not know where to buy one.

    When the signal coming in via DVI or HDMI has HDCP copy protection, any DVI/HDMI to component video converter is supposed to deliver nothing to its component video output and also nothing to an RGBHV output.

    Also converting normal component video (with the Y, Pb, and Pr but without the separate H and V) to RGBHV or to Y, Pb, Pr with the separate H and V requires a device as opposed to just a cable.

    Are you sure your projector requires separate H and V along with Y, Pb, Pr? This situation is extremely rare and is not standard.

    Does your device outputting HDMI also output component video or S-video?

    A few projectors assume the input is Y, Pb, and Pr when no separate H and V are supplied and assume the input is RGB when H and V are supplied separately. Otherwise Y/Pb/Pr and RGB into the same input when permitted requires a manual selection for which is which on the projector.

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