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"brave new world" tv movie (1998) (1 Viewer)

Matt Broeska

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Jun 18, 2000
does anyone remember this utterly horrible piece of trash?
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i've read the book at least a half dozen times in as many years and know it front to back. usually between reading other books i'll open up BNR to any page and just read a chapter or two for fun.
the tv version was attrocious! i remember first seeing a promo image for it on the net and being able to pick apart what was wrong right off the bat... alphas wearing black? lenina with black hair? all american cast? mustapha mond played by leonard nimoy?! for god's sake!!!
anyway if anyone has a copy or it or knows where to get one, could you let me know? i'd like to try and watch it...

Rex Bachmann

Nov 10, 2001
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Rex Bachmann
Matt Broeska wrote:
tv movie]?
I remember its being offered by NBC in the US. In our local area it was pre-empted by an NBA game and I'm not aware of its ever being broadcast again. I haven't seen it.
If any "classic" science-fiction novel cries out for a good filmed (big screen) rendering, this is it. With today's knowledge of DNA-manipulation it would be quite a challenge to update the science, but it shouldn't be insurmountable. The drug themes in the story would be trivial today by comparison with the surrounding reality.
For a Hollywood-made movie much of the cast would be American, even though the original story was set in Britain. Alas, that's the price of translation to big-time film.

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