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Brad's APOTA: Thank God Its Friday, 40th Anniversary Blu-ray (1 Viewer)

Kyrsten Brad

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Feb 9, 2014
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Brad’s APOTA (A Paragraph Or Two About), Thank God Its Friday (1978) 40 Yr Anniversary Blu-ray release.

Well finally, 40 years after theatrical release, 12 years after the 2006 DVD release (did we ever get a VHS or LD release at all?), one on my Holy Grail List has finally made its way to Blu. Here I’l going to keep the discussion to the Blu-ray as much as possible as I’ve already discussed the movie itself at length (HTF Article on TGIF78 Here).

Image – 4.7

Audio – 4.1

Pass/Fail – Pass

Upgrade from DVD – Why not.

Strongly Recommended if 70s era culture interests you.

Image quality is what you’d expect from a Blu-ray and a definite upgrade over the DVD. A bit of a ding here though for the “zoomed-in” Columbia logo intro. I seem to remember in the theater and on the DVD the dancing Columbia lady was placed farther out much like other Columbia films. But in this release, the studio really zoomed in on her to the point of distraction. Still OK but could have been better. NOTE: anyone here who can do screen caps and post them on this thread please do so.

Audio gets a sizable ding on this release. As other viewers noted, the audio was lacking some punch and this is kinda sad as this movie has a strong basis in the disco music of the day. Mill Creek should have had some sound work done to enhance the disco beat so that you’d really feel like this was a disco film.

I give Mill Creek credit for giving this Blu-ray a real menu, though still a bit sparse on features and no extras were included. The 2006 DVD had a bare-bones menu on which you wouldn’t even have known you were watching TGIF78. No extras there either. Too bad because Jeff Goldblum, Debra Winger and other surviving cast members could really enhance this release with some interviews.

A Macabre Note: Near the end of TGIF78, a very happy Frannie (Valerie Landsburg) proclaims “that KISS concert is for kids, we’re Disco Queens now”. Of course a couple years after this film’s release, disco had pretty much become a dirty word (but it would come back in one form or another over the next 3 decades) but KISS kept a rockin through the years.

In summary, a definite addy to any serious Blu-ray cinematic collection, especially for those of us who grew up in the First Disco era. Those who are not into 70s films or any disco nostalgia will probably pass on this Blu. However unless someone ponies up for a UHD-4K remaster & release, this Blu-ray is the best we’re going to get of Thank God Its Friday.

Note to HTF Admin and RAH. If RAH does his own AFWA review of this blu-ray release, I will happily port this writing over to his thread and you can close this one out, after of course porting over any replies.

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