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    Available for trade, might consider a sale (prices noted where sale preferred, for others, trade preferred):

    2/22 Updates in red
    2/25 Updates in blue

    DVD For Trade:
    [​IMG]Six Feet Under (sealed)
    Godfather Collection (exc)
    Ken Burns' The Civil War (sealed) PENDING
    Larry Sanders Show Season 1 (sealed)
    [​IMG]From the Earth to the Moon (exc-, minor shelf wear, corners rounded slightly, black quad digipack) TRADED
    Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse (sealed)
    Moonraker (SE, sealed)
    From Russia with Love (SE, exc)
    [​IMG]Gattaca (superbit, sealed)
    Desperado (superbit, exc/mint)
    Disney's Atlantis (2 disc CE, sealed)
    Beyond Jurassic Park (Universal bonus disc, exc)
    [​IMG] Disney's Lady and the Tramp (sealed)
    For Your Eyes Only (SE, exc)
    [​IMG]Halloween (2 disc LE, sealed #27525)
    Touch of Evil (exc)
    Enemy of the State (exc) $10
    The Last Castle (exc) $7
    The Man Who Would Be King (exc) $7
    Zoolander (exc) $9
    Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (BBV, no insert, disc exc-, will include in regular case) $7

    LD For Trade:
    [​IMG] Dr. No (exc/mint), From Russia with Love (exc-, one slightly bent corner, discs exc), Goldfinger (exc-) Criterion CAV versions, will trade/sell as a package only
    [​IMG]Looney Tunes Assorted Nuts (2nd hand, exc-, w/price tag, one bent corner, minor marks on disc)
    [​IMG]MGM Forbidden Hollywood Collection (2nd hand, exc-, price sticker on box, otherwise box nice, discs exc)
    North by Northwest (Criterion CAV sealed) $25
    Pocahontas (CAV box set, sealed, tons of special features not on the DVD) $30
    Gary Cooper Adventure Collection (discs and box exc) $35
    The Little Mermaid (CAV, THX, AC-3, sealed)

    Wants: [​IMG] =highest wants, but very interested in all titles listed, maybe others (send your trade lists)
    DVD Wanted:
    Nightmare on Elm Street collection [​IMG]
    The Shield box set [​IMG] PENDING
    A History of Britain box set [​IMG]
    Upstairs Downstairs complete [​IMG]
    Last Temptation of Christ
    L'Avventura [​IMG]
    The Lady Eve [​IMG]
    Shadow of a Doubt [​IMG]
    The Conversation
    True Romance SE
    M*A*S*H (5 Star Collection) [​IMG]
    I Know Where I'm Going [​IMG]
    Rebecca (Criterion)
    The Age of Innocence [​IMG]
    The Awful Truth Seasons 1 & 2
    The Gathering Storm
    Swiss Family Robinson (2 disc)
    Little Mermaid [​IMG]
    Revenge of the Nerds
    Battle of the Planets series
    Airport 1975
    Igby Goes Down [​IMG]
    Bad News Bears
    Road to Perdition [​IMG] GOT IT
    The Waterboy

    Home Alone
    Anne Frank (TV miniseries)
    Nurse Betty
    World at War (box set)

    LD wanted:
    Abbott and Costello Meet the Monsters box [​IMG]
    :b:The Frighteners Signature Collection box [​IMG][​IMG]
    49th Parallel (Criterion)
    Towering Inferno THX, remastered version

    Also wanted:
    Spare battery for RCA DRC600N portable player [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] GOT IT

    While new to trading, I have extensive positive feedback on eBay under hobbes4444.

    Thanks for looking! And keep checking back as I add more titles for trade and wanted.
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    What might ye be wanting for the Criterion Bonds? I have an excellent Criterion 49th Parallel.
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  4. Dave Danek

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    bump and some updates . . .

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