Box experiment please help me.

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    Hi everybody, I am newish to home audio, but I am very good at car audio and I had the Idea of having a go at making a subwoofer box for an old car sub to use in my room for a bit of bass, can any one help me with the box design because I have tried WinISDWinSPK and have not had much luck getting a box that plays down to 20 ish. (I think the sub woofer driver is not very good low down)
    here are the Paramiters for the sub.
    Technical datasheet
    Impedance (Z) 4 Ohm
    Frequency range 35–3,000 Hz
    Free air resonance (fs) 35 Hz
    Crossover frequency (12 dB/oct.) (fmax) 2,000 Hz
    Peak music power 450 W
    Power rating 150 WRMS
    SPL (1 W/1 m) 93 dB
    Cms suspension compliance 0.45 mm/N
    Mms moving mass 44 g
    Qms mech. Q factor 3.84
    Qes electrical Q factor 1.16
    Qts total Q factor 0.89
    VAS compl. equiv. vol. 180 l
    RDC DC resistance (Re) 3.7 Ohm
    Voice coil ind.(1kHz,Le) 0.4 mH
    Voice coil diameter 39 mm
    Voice coil former aluminium
    Air gap height 5 mm
    Force factor WxL 5.6 Tm
    Eff. cone area 531 cm²
    Magnet dioameter 125 mm
    Magnet weight 30 oz.
    Mounting cutout ø 282 mm
    Mounting depth 130 mm
    Dimensions ø 305 mm
    Weight 2.4 kg
    Am I wasting my time and materials with build a box for this sub (size of box does not matter e.g. 1-8 CF is possible by me.)
    I would like to have a box that plays down to abot 25 hz or lower if possable.
    Can anyone help me???
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    I can't really help you on the topic, but working at a retail store I have heard of customers who have used car subs at home and have blew their receiver. Just wanted to let you know. Could some great though.
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    You should post this in the DIY area. Should get a better response there. Maybe even ask the admin to move it there.
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    i'm interested in this...
    my friend with the 1200 watt carver (you may have read my other post) is either gonna run an SVS 20-39 or two Polk audio car subs in a series off of one amplifier channel (to bring it to 8 ohms and to drop the output down to decent levels)
    post back the outcome of your little project

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