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Boston VR Versus VR-M

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Cincydrew, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Cincydrew

    Cincydrew Auditioning

    Apr 24, 2019
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    Andrew Wood
    Does anyone have experiences with Boston Acoustics VR and VR-M series speakers? I bought a pair of Boston VR-940 tower speakers and freakin love them! I was looking to add surrounds when I stumbled upon the VR-M50 and 60’s. With the rave reviews I was wondering if they would be an upgrade to my current 940’s? I know the VR940, 950, 960 use the same Lynfield tweeters but was wondering if the VR-M line was a step above the VR line? Are the VR-M50’s going to be my surrounds or will I like them enough to become my main speakers? Lol

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