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Boston Public 5/12/03 Season Finale (1 Viewer)

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Boston Public will most likely to relegated to the Friday graveyard position on Fox's schedule next season.

Whitney did look pretty bad. She's got a weird tongue thing going on when she sings. That song wasn't all that impressive either (obviously just pushing her "Just Whitney" album).

Glad Tamyra Gray did not sing in front of Whitney. That would have been just too much.

The resolution of the budget crisis was okay. Biff was one-dimensional but provided the impetus for the solution.

Ronnie needs to be let go, she's been turned so unlikable on this show. Lipshitz's reaction to Steven taking him up on his offer to resign was classic Lipshitz.

I liked the Danny marriage subplot.

Glenn Overholt

Senior HTF Member
Mar 24, 1999
No, I love the series, but the budget cuts were not radical enough to keep in line with all of the other weird stuff that has happened on the show.

It was funny how much importance he placed on sports, though. What is important in school, anyway?

Ala, Boston Public style, I was waiting for them to remove everything else - no band, no shops, no art - etc. I thought too that I could see them deciding that since everyone is down to core subjects now, have morning classes and afternoon ones, thus letting half of the school's kids out on the streets at noon. The cops would love it, right?

Or tear down walls between some classrooms so one teacher could double-up.
Or even having finals with one question on them. Something like what is the capital of the US? They pass, all other history classes are cancelled, and the teachers can teach something else now.

Maybe they'll save that stuff for the next season. Oh, well.


Shayne Lebrun

Jun 17, 1999
I thought it was great; it's a school, so they concentrate on the teaching. If the Boosters and what not don't like it, well, they can bloody well step up to bat.

All in all, though, a fairly upbeat ending for a show who's motto seems to be 'how can we screw everybody EVEN WORSE this week?'

I did, though, like the bit where Ronnie throws the ticket into Steven and Scott's face. When Steven went to the gala and met up with Dave Fields, though, he should have said something like 'Hi, I'm your date...I warn you though, I'm not easy; I'm expecting dinner first.'

Marty M

Senior HTF Member
Dec 6, 1998
It was funny how much importance he placed on sports, though. What is important in school, anyway?
The threat of eliminating sports in any U.S. High School is always a wake up call to the parents. Sadly, most school districts first cut Music and Art before they will touch the sports program.

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