Boston Acoustics DT6000/DigitalTheater 6000 or DPS5.1?

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    First off, I know that most HTIB are not up to typical audiophile standards. But, I cannot yet afford a full blown HT, and must make do with an HTIB of some sort in the interim
    My first option is the Klipsch Promedia 5.1 and do software DVD with my PC or connect to a AC3/DTS decoder, and my second option is the Boston Acoustics DT6000 or DPS5.1. I hear that the Klipsch Promedia 5.1 can even beat most other lower priced HTIB's.
    But, has anyone heard this Boston Acoustics DT6000? What do you think of it in relation to it's $600 price? How does it stack up against the Promedia 5.1 in DVD's?
    Specs-wise the Promedia 5.1 seem impressive (3" woofer, 3/4" horn tweeter, dual 8" sub drivers), and the DT6000 seem a bit underwhelming for the price (full range 3.5" sat drivers, single 6.5" sub driver)...but I assume specs don't always tell the whole story, right?
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    I've been reading this forum for a long time, but this is my first post.

    I have the Boston Acoustics System 9000. I bought these speakers because they were on sale, I was living in a small apartment, I was on a budget, and they sounded great in the store. I'm married now and we moved into a bigger apartment (w/ vaulted ceilings). I was worried about the micros in a larger area, but they still sound great. I don't think they still make this set, but I highly recommend the Boston Acoustics micro systems. They passed the wife test (Those of you who are married know what I'm talking about) although she is still trying to put a plant on the subwoofer! I haven't heard the Promedia 5.1 speakers.

    I would listen to all the speakers before making a decision (specs are a good starting point, but you ears need to make the final choice).

    - Wayne

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