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    I think I got some people's attention by writing that [​IMG]
    Actually my question does relate to bose. I have a set of bose acoustimass series speakers . And yes, i am aware of the saying of bose and how you all despise bose. But I'm stuck with em cuz I didn't by them.
    When listenting to my HT I notice bass isn't that prevalent. My question is if I should get a sub woofer to handle bass? I like listening to music with bass in it, and I just want my room to shake. It doesn't now unless I crank the volume. I'm looking to spend about 300-400.
    I'm not sure if this number is low but I already have two bass modules. Or whatever they call them.
    If so, which one should i get? I went down to my local electronics retailer and found this one called Qwest. Anyone heard of it??
    Thanks, everyone!
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    here's what i would do: go to and order a Rava ($399, i think shipping is free too). KEEP both 'bass modules' and use them as the midrange woofers in your system. wire the Rava in as the true sub. this will keep you from having too much of a frequency gap!
    note: for ~$500, you can get HomeTheaterDirect's Level II package that includes 5 speakers and a sub. that would be the best option, IMO, because you could sell your Bose for more than the HTD speaker set!

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