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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by DaveNel, Dec 11, 2009.

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    Im not sure if I am allowed to ask this - Or I am hoping to ask in the right section of the Forun

    I was wondering if these are worth $175.00 I have the chance to buy these and wondering if this is a good price:

    It comes with all the speakers you see in the 2 pictures plus the Sony receiver.

    Any help is appreciated: All speakers are in great working shape..

    There is 5 speakers Plus the Sub.

    heres the pictures:

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    I wouldn't buy them. I am one that does not like Bose. You won't find much love for Bose at any home theater community. Way overpriced for the performance and quality you get. BTW, Bose does not make a subwoofer. They, themselves, don't even call it a subwoofer. It's a bass module. Not even close to the performance of a subwoofer. Don't mean to step on toes here. Just telling how most home theater enthusiasts feel toward Bose gear. Same thing with Monster brand video and audio cables. Nowhere near worth what you pay. They have a great marketing company. That's why people that don't know better, believe that Bose is the best. That's all they've heard for a big part of their life. Their demos are very controlled, in a controlled atmosphere. If you take in a cd and ask them to play it in their demo, chances are, they won't do it.

    Can't tell what model Sony that receiver is. Sony builds great tvs and blu ray players, including the ps3. But, again, not very popular with their receivers, until you get into the more expensive "ES" line.

    If you don't have a surround system at all, that deal isn't terrible, as long as everything works ok. You might could find better though, on Craig's List, for about the same money.
    Good luck with whatever you decide. Didn't really mean to burst your bubble.
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    A room full of old Bose speakers and a Sony receiver for $175. Does this system work and what does it sound like. I have studied the pictures and It's hard to figure out exactly what you have a 5.1 surround system or a 2 channel stereo with lots of extra speakers. Do you have any idea how old these components are?
    1. I can't tell what model the Sony is but beware it may not be 5.1 surround but could be a stereo receiver.
    2. The Bose cubes sitting on the receiver look like a very early and old 2.1 cube system. The speaker in the center is Bose but what is it a center channel or the bass module?
    3. The two speakers on stands look like a pair of old Bose 201 or 301 bookshelf's
    4. I have no idea what the floor standing speaker in the center is it a sub of some sort. It does not look Bose or if it is it's got to be a very early model.
    It's hard to put a value on this equipment as it appears to be pretty old. Since you didn't mention the rest of your system or what you want to do with this or what your budget is it is hard to tell if it will fit your needs.

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