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May 22, 2003
I have a Bose Lifestyle 30 and many components which are now more complicated because I keep adding gadgets! I need wiring help!! I'm not a Home Theater expert...but I can follow directions!

I'd like to know the BEST way to connect all my components, of course!
Keep in mind that I am a beginner and need very simple directions!

First of all, I have these components:

Bose Lifestyle 30 with the following inputs:
Aux/Vid 1/Vid 2/Tape. and one Tape out line as well.

- Digital cable box with an S Video jack, maybe 2. I'm not using the S video cable now...just the coax
- TIVO - has S Video
- DVD -has S Video
- Nintendo 64
- Radio Shack Splitter
- Panasonic TV with AV jacks and one S video connection and with PIP feature...which I've never gotten to work!
- Universal SONY remote that works everything except TIVO and the BOSE system. and that's ok....

I need plain English, even Diagrams to make my life easier! Every installation guide I find leaves out one of the components so I have nothing to refer to that includes them all. So far, it's been a trial and error event each time I add a component! Right now, my VCR isn't connected because I wasn't sure where to put it in the mix.
When I talk to people at Home Theater stores, they are way over my head!

I want to be able to
1) record one channel on TIVO while watching regular TV.
2) I want to be able to Download TIVO recorded items onto VCR tapes (it says you can do this!)
3) I'd like to finally use the PIP feature on my TV! I don't even know where to begin with this!

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks a bunch -

Wes Goff

Apr 29, 2003
To simplify things, plug everything into your tv(audio and vidio) which you will need to get a s-video switcher since your tv has only one s-vid input. For surround soud, just use audio jacks from tv into just 1 input on bose system. you will only get pro logic surround but I think the bose 30 is only pro-logic any way. I would go into detail how to hook everything else, but as a suggestion, you would be much better off getting a new rec. w/ s-vid switching and dolby dig. for about $400.


May 22, 2003
The Bose 30 has Digital 5.1 Decoding and VideoStage Decoding and I'd like to continue using this....even if it's not true surround sound, it's better than nothing.

I dont' believe the Bose System has an S video connection - I'm using a digital oplink connection from the DVD player to the Bose system.
My TV only has 2 inputs for audio/video connections so I don't even have enough room to run everything through it. The sound is much better through the Bose than through the TV.
I have two zones and speakers all over the house and outside by the pool, so I really don't want to give up on this system....I invested too much into it in the past 2 years!
Thanks for your help

Garrett Lundy

Senior HTF Member
Mar 5, 2002
What model TV, VCR, and cable-box do you have? This information could help us in deciding how everything works.

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