BOOK WITH DVD: "Their First Time in the Movies"

Discussion in 'DVD' started by David Lambert, Dec 8, 2003.

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    Their First Time in the Movies is a book all about exactly what the title suggests: more than 100 stars are spotlighted in their first-ever film roles. The book is in hardcover, and comes with a DVD in an envelope attached to the inside front cover.

    The book is written by Les Krantz, and the DVD is narrated by Peter Stacker (no, I am not aware of anything else special these gents have done).

    The DVD contains 30+ film clips of selected stars featured in the disc. A VHS comes with this, that has the same feature. The difference, of course, is that the VHS must have the clips be seen straight through in a produced feature. On the DVD, you can watch the feature straight through, or use the simple menu to jump straight to the star you want to see.

    The VHS is contained in a cardboard holder that is sized the length and width of the book, and both slide into a nice cardboard slipcover. All stars' clips are just a couple of minutes long, so overall length is about an hour.

    Overall, I am not sure I'd recommend this for the regular price of $55.00 that it goes for in most stores. But the cool thing is that right now Waldenbooks is clearing it out for $7.99!

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    Fry's has it for about $6.99, still not sure if it's any good though. It's the first thing I've heard of that includes both a DVD and VHS tape though- they should've included a laserdisc too!
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