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    • Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.
    • Year Published: 1983.
    • Foreword by Norman Mailer.
    • 343 Pages.
    • 18 Chapters.
    • 13 Pages of Illustrations and Photographs.
    • 29 Pages of Source Notes.
    • 11-Page Index.
    • Bibliography.
    • Hardcover (1st Edition released in November 1983).

    Jean Davison's "Oswald's Game" is 343 pages of impeccably-researched material detailing the very unusual 24-year life of Lee Harvey Oswald -- the man who was charged with assassinating President John F. Kennedy.

    During the many years since this 1983 book was published, Davison has defended her "Lone Assassin" position (at a variety of public JFK forums) with grace, dignity, and (above all) a wealth of facts to support the idea that Oswald was anything BUT an innocent "Patsy" on November 22nd, 1963.

    As the pages of this book are turned, it becomes easier and easier to climb inside the mind of Lee Harvey Oswald, and assess what probably was going through this strange man's head when he took it upon himself to carry a cheap mail-order rifle into work one day in 1963 and change the course of history.

    It's also interesting to note (via these intriguing pages) how Oswald has been severely mischaracterized by conspiracy theorists over the years as a person who could easily be manipulated (i.e., a "dupe" who could easily fall prey to some kind of "Patsy" plot).

    When, in reality, Lee Oswald was, himself, an expert "manipulator". This book details many, many verified instances where Oswald would cleverly manipulate his wife Marina to serve his own self-serving purposes....and how he manipulated the officials at the American Embassy in Russia, in order to secure the proper papers so that he could return to the United States in 1962 after defecting to the USSR.

    There is a clear and distinct PATTERN over many years of Oswald "using" people to serve his own needs and desires. This man Oswald was no brain-dead dupe....and would certainly have not been stupid enough to be suckered into some assassination plot in November 1963, whereby he would willingly take his own rifle into his own workplace for the purpose of handing it over to some co-conspirator, who would in turn use it to kill JFK.

    Conspiracists have too often (almost always, in fact) totally ignored the type of manipulative and scheming person Lee Harvey Oswald HIMSELF was in the months and years leading up to November 22nd, 1963.

    After reading "Oswald's Game", it's very nearly impossible to NOT say to yourself dozens of times throughout these chapters: This guy Oswald was just EXACTLY the type of crackpot Marxist who just might want to take a potshot at the President of the United States if given THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO (which he was afforded -- on 11/22/63 in Dallas, Texas).

    Here are some of my favorite passages and quotes from "Oswald's Game":



    I challenge anyone who reads this book to then come away from such a reading with the following mindset: "There is no possible way to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed John F. Kennedy by himself on November 22, 1963."

    Such a mindset should forever be eliminated from a reasonable person's head upon the completion of reading "Oswald's Game".

    The physical evidence of Oswald's guilt in the JFK assassination has been rock-solid since the day the murder occurred in Dallas. But the question of "Why would he want to shoot the President?" had been dangling in the breeze -- never fully explained in a detailed manner -- until Jean Davison came out with this absorbing book twenty years after the President's death.

    It's true, of course, that "Oswald's Game" will not convince every last person on the planet that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK all alone....but it should increase the percentage of "LNers" by a goodly number. Of that, I am certain.

    Thank you, Jean Davison, for your excellent book "Oswald's Game"....and for the "high road" that you have taken since writing it when dealing with critics of your work regarding Oswald. I've yet to read an article or a newsgroup posting by Jean that didn't brim over with common sense and reasoned thinking with respect to John Kennedy's assassination.



    1.) This book shows (beyond a reasonable doubt, in my opinion) that Lee Harvey Oswald had it WITHIN HIMSELF the desire to shoot President Kennedy.

    2.) The physical evidence positively indicates that Oswald's very own Mannlicher-Carcano rifle WAS the one and ONLY weapon used to kill JFK.

    Those two things go together like bread and butter. When adding #1 to #2 above, it's pretty clear that Lee Oswald was not the "innocent patsy" that so many conspiracy theorists seem to want to believe he was. Instead, numbers 1 and 2 above, when merged, are telling the world that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

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    I may wish to quibble about your characterization of the LHO Carcano as a "cheap mail order rifle" as this may play into the hands of the conspiracy theorists.

    Here's a link to a mail order catalog from 1964 posted by a hobbyist.

    Herb's Fantasy Mil-Surp Gunshop

    After WWII and Korea, the US market was flooded with surplus bolt-action rifles from all over the world. You could have purchased:
    German Mauser KAR 98 $32.50
    US 1903 Springfield $50
    Italian Carcano 1891/38 short rifle $17.50 (LHO special)
    Russian Mosin-Nagant 91/30 $12.50
    British Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. 1 $25

    The Carcano was not the cheapest of the available military surplus rifles.

    Having familiarity with all the above types, I would theorize that LHO specifically picked the Carcano for his nefarious plans because it was accurate, small, and easy to conceal - by far the easiest to conceal of the above group of rifles.
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    That's quite possible, but I'm not sure that Oswald knew for certain he'd even be getting a "Mannlicher-Carcano" when he sent a coupon from this ad to Klein's in Chicago. The ad doesn't specifically say "Carcano". It says "6.5 Italian Carbine".

    But, since I'm not an expert on firearms in any way, shape, or form....perhaps I'm in no position to say that Oswald possibly didn't know what brand name of rifle he would be receiving, since it's possible (for all I know) that "6.5 Italian Carbine" must mean "Carcano".

    But does it?

    Did Italy produce 6.5 carbines that were not "Carcanos" specifically?


    One thing we do know for sure, though....Klein's didn't ship Oswald the exact rifle he ordered. Oswald ordered a 36-inch weapon, and received a 40.2-inch model Carcano.

    My guess is, however, that Oswald never noticed the difference. But the conspiracy theorists love to make a huge mountain out of that 36-inch vs. 40-inch molehill.

    But another guess I have is this -- It couldn't be more common for firms like Klein's Sporting Goods Co. of Chicago to substitute a slightly-different product on occasion during mail-order transactions.

    It's quite possible that Klein's didn't even realize that they had shipped Oswald a 40-inch model rifle instead of a 36-inch variety. Mistakes happen....all the time. And I doubt that Klein's Sporting Goods, circa 1963, was immune to making one.
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