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Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by MarcusKeyser, Oct 5, 2004.

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    Hi all ... I've enjoyed the forum a while now and am now venturing out on my first official "New Thread".

    I have gone and actually am still going through a HELLACIOUS etailer experience. I ordered top end stuff from NewYorkWholesaleAudioVideo (links below) and have had the worst service on the face of the planet. It's taken almost 3 weeks for the order to leave NJ and they did not send it with any tracking info ... The order is going to Switzerland which makes good tracking even more imortant. At this point I don't have anything.

    Communication is not existant from their side.

    Like I said I dealt with NewYorkWholesaleAudioVideo ... there are 3 guys there that are NOT to be trusted: Carlos, Vivek, Nicky ... who knows what their last names are. They said they run 14 other internet fronts (some listed below) - I also found out they work with/for a guy from Digital Craze (which is favorably reviewed be I talked with a guy named Eddie from Digital Craze (one of the partners according to him) who said he knows the people that I ordered from and he said they rent/lease office space and they order the products through him. When I told him about my nightmare he said he's not responsible and that I'm SOL - as in I've gotta deal with Vivek, Carlos, Nicky. The point is THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY. They wouldn't even clearly tell me who's in charge of who ?!?!?

    here's a list of some of the fronts I believe are associated to DigitalCraze (I found this list by googling the address "14 SELF BLVD")

    I found this list of DO NOT BUY FROM on

    Absolute Audio Video
    All Home Theater
    Authentic Home Theater
    Dependable Audio Video
    Plaza Audio
    Reel Audio & Video
    Reliable Audio Video
    All located at 14 Self Blvd., Carteret, N.J. 07008

    I don't know if you already have a related thread to which this post can get added - if not then maybe its a good idea to have a general list of suspect etailers that forum members can check out before handing over CC numbers.

    thanx all ... I hope my stuff gets here !!!
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    Your post is not Basics area-type information. Here's where you need to get the word out. Thanks.

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