1. As a long time fan, I'm very familiar with Dylan's vocal 'emanations'.

    Suffice to say that Dylan's voice is what it is.

    But something sounds wrong on the new Unplugged DVD.

    Everytime Dylan pushes the volume of his vocals, there's distortion and echo.

    The effect sounds very electronic to me, almost like he had a bad mike.

    The 5.1 tracks sounds better, but the stereo track is similarly affected.

    I've been listening to the Unplugged CD for many years and never heard this vocal distortion before.

    I also have the Unplugged LD, but I haven't pulled that out yet.

    This is kind of frustrating: the DVD looks great but sounds poor...CD sounds great but has no picture...and my LD player barely works anymore...
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    Jul 11, 2003
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    I've watched this DVD around 50 times since getting it and I think it sounds wonderful. The official CD has always sounded poor to me. The fan "projects" actually sound a lot better than the official release so I found this DVD to be wonderful. The 5.1 sound mix is also very faithful to the original recordings.

    The only thing that somewhat reminds me of what you're saying is doing the "where I come from..." from With God On Our Side but this too sounds just like the fan projects.

    Perhaps you have a bad disc?

  3. Something is definitely going on here...

    I pulled out my old LD.

    Aside from the muddy video and snow (laser rot?), it sounds great...no vocal distortion.

    I'm sure the CD vocals sound just as clean, because I never even thought about it when listening before.

    How could just the center channel be distorted/defective in a 5.1/stereo track?
  4. I 'returned' my copy, but due to the odd nature of the problem I had to accept store credit ($8).

    Not a problem since I buy stuff there all the time.

    It was a used copy and they didn't have another one.

    Still wondering what the deal is, listened to the CD today and found it to be a revelation of clarity compared to the DVD.

    I'd honestly be scared to buy another copy of the DVD at this point.

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