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Bluetooth - Connection Issues With HRF 3000 Wireless Headphones (1 Viewer)

Tony Bensley

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Apr 9, 2013
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Lately, I’ve been experiencing some really wonky, and frankly, extremely frustrating Bluetooth connection issues.

The main issue has been between my fairly recently replaced HRF 3000 Bluetooth Headset and my Acer PC Laptop from 2013. What started happening awhile ago is my headset will randomly go from being connected to being only paired. With repeated failed attempts to reconnect the seemingly now inevitable end result is having to remove the device, followed by endless failed attempts to even pair the headset up with my PC. Adding to the annoyance factor is it will eventually work, but with the last time around taking the better part of two to three days before it seemingly randomly decides to work, I’m totally bereft and at a loss for having any clue as to why this is!

The only possible clue that I may have is the replaced headsets Bluetooth frequency might be not quite fully compatible with the Bluetooth on my PC (Or my severely outdated phone devices, to which my HRF 3000 headset will no longer even display as an available device, let alone pair or anything else!), hence it’s annoying periodic random disconnection issues!

Any thoughts regarding potential solutions, or is there something the matter with my HRF 3000 headset? This one has me baffled, not that I’m all that hard to baffle at times, but still!


P.S. Below is an example of my plight. Whereas, the display of the HRF 3000 Wireless Headphones on the list below SHOULD be a good sign, it actually NEVER completes the loading or pairing process! EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!!

Screenshot 2020-11-27 195632.png

UPDATE: As of late last night, I was able to pair and connect my HRF 3000 Wireless Headphones to my Acer PC Laptop after a few hours. It appears that whenever I experience connectivity issues, recharging my Headphones to 100% is what's required to reestablish the Bluetooth connection for some unknown reason! ‍:unsure:
Screenshot 2020-11-28 150409.png
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