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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by GregBe, May 26, 2005.

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    O.k., I will admit this has got to be the most anal post I have ever put up, but here it goes. I have my bookshelf speakers on top of a low bookcase (not at ear level, but not that bad either. It is the same height as my center on top of my RPTV.) I went to my local office depot and purchased two products.
    -One is Duck brand Poster Putty, which is blue, sticky and is has a more spongy feel to it.
    -The other is StikkiWax which is used for the same application, but is much firmer and less spongy. It does also hold slightly firmer.

    I will put this under my speakers on the shelves, and also under my center channel on top of my RPTV.

    My quesion is in theory, is it better to use something more spongy than something firmer to couple or decouple(I am not sure which term is right) a speaker for the best audio? I am sure it doesn't make a bit of difference, but I figured I would ask.

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    There's another one that is readily available at OSH. It's yellow, and I forget what it's called (I'll let you know later), but it is basically identical to blu-tack, and not spongy. After 2+ years, the stuff has not dried out one bit.

    Both are going to have about the same amount of decoupling, but I'd opt for the firmer one because it will be less likely to shift.

    I have some other stuff from 3M that might be of interest to you too.
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    I have BluTac left over from when I lived in England in the late 90's that still works fine [​IMG]

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