Blue book for 6 yr. old Mits. RPTV

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  1. James Herrod

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    Nov 27, 1999
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    Does anybody know where I can find out the value of my Mits. RPTV model VS-5076? It's about a 6 yr old set and I'm thinking of selling it outright vs. trading it in for the new one, which, incidently is going to be the WS-65819. Any sites out there that blue book these things? Thanks, JJ
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  2. Bill Lucas

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    Mar 20, 1999
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    There is no "blue book". A 6 year old analog non-HD set is worth what you can get for it. I wouldn't expect more than a few hunderd dollars (around $500 would be my estimate). Good luck.
  3. GaryM

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    Jul 19, 2000
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    Most people end up paying a fee to get these hauled away.
    If it is a fancy cabinet (finished furniture-grade hardwood versus plastic and particle board) then one alternative to trashing it is to gut it and put a projector inside with a front surface mirror to fold the optical path onto the screen.
    The economics work out like this:
    50" RPTV in 4:3 aspect ratio is worthless.
    XGA DLP projector like an LT150 costs $2500. You need to select one with a short-throw lens option or aftermarket add-on lens.
    Stewart Blackhawk RP screen and front surface mirror
    cost about $1000 before you are done. Now add about 25 hours of your labor gutting/installing/tweeking.
    You then have a $3500 XGA-resolution RPTV which is HD-capable and is very very bright compared to a CRT, and never suffers CRT burn. It is 4:3 AR but otherwise equivalent to the $12K DLP PRTV - but with a very nice cabinet.
  4. Richard Burzynski

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    I would say, you'd be lucky to get around $250 for it. Here are reasons why:
    * New 50" 4:3 analog Mits is around $1200.
    * The picture quality is much improved on new sets. My brother-in-law has a 5 yr old 50" mits, and its picture is way behing my new mits.
    * RPTV life (depending on usage) is usually around 5-10 yrs. By "life", I mean no major repair work needed.
    By all means, do not pay someone to take it away. If you have a family member or friend that may want one, you may consider giving it away. At a minumum, I'm sure that a 'First $100 for 50" TV' ad in local paper would get some bites.
    Good luck.
    Rich B.

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