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Blu Skies Again: WB 80s Films Not On Blu

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Louis Letizia, Jan 20, 2019.

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    Louis Letizia

    Louis Letizia Supporting Actor

    Oct 10, 2000
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    With license agreements with Criterion, Shout and Kino and Warner Archives themselves, there are still quite a few that never made it to BluRay

    NOV(Never On Video) NOB (Never On Blu) VHS (Only format) Important

    Be fun to place which companies would license these. Id say Criterion would release Mikes Murder. Swing Shift. The Great Santini. Prince if the City and Pennies From Heaven


    Just Tell Me What You Want (NOB)
    Simon (NOB)
    When Time Ran Out.... (NOB)
    Tom Horn (NOB)
    Gilda Live! (NOB)
    Die Laughing (NOB)
    Heart Beat (NOB)
    Up The Academy (NOB)
    No Nukes (VHS)
    Honeysuckle Rose (NOB)
    The Fiendish Plot Of Dr, Fu Manchu (NOB)
    Divine Madness (NOB)
    The First Deadly Sin (NOB)
    One Trick Pony (NOB)
    Oh God! Book ll (NOB)
    Private Benjamin (NOB)
    The Awakening (NOB)
    First Family (NOB)
    Hero At Large (NOB)
    Hide in Plain Sight (NOB)
    Why Would I Lie? (NOV)
    He Knows Your Alone (NOB)
    The Formula (NOB)
    Carny (NOB)
    Cruising (NOB)
    The Great Santini (NOB)

    The Human Factor (NOB)

    The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (VHS)
    Sphinx (NOB)
    The Eyes Of A Stranger (NOB)
    The Hand (NOB)
    Under The Rainbow (NOB)
    Prince Of The City (NOB)
    So Fine (NOB)
    Rollover (NOB)
    Sunday Lovers (NOV)
    Tarzan, The Ape Man (NOB)
    Rich And Famous (NOB)
    ...All The Marbles (NOB)
    Whose Life Is It Anyway? (NOB)
    Buddy, Buddy (VHS)
    Pennies From Heaven (NOB)
    Second Hand Hearts (NOB)
    Victory (NOB)
    The Sea Wolves (NOB)


    AC/DC: Let There Be Rock (NOB)
    G'OLE! (NOV)
    Personal Best (NOB)
    Tragedy Of A Ridiculous Man (VHS)
    Soup For One (VHS)
    Night Shift (NOB)
    Hey Good Lookin' (NOB)
    Love Child (NOB)
    Five Days One Summer (NOB)
    Best Friends (NOB)
    A Stranger Is Watching (NOB)
    Cannery Row (NOB)
    Shoot The Moon (NOB)
    Pandemonium (VHS)
    Forced Vengeance (NOB)
    Endangered Species (NOB)
    Inchon (NOV)
    Yes, Giorgio (NOB)
    My Favorite Year (NOB)
    Love And Money (VHS)
    Fat Walking (NOB)
    Lookin' To Get Out (NOB)
    Pink Floyd: The Wall (NOB)


    Independence Day (NOB)
    Local Hero (NOB)
    Lovesick (NOB)
    Blue Skies Again (VHS)
    Stroker Ace (NOB)
    Twice Upon A Time (NOB)
    Deal Of The Century (NOB)
    Daffy Ducks Fantastic Island (NOB)
    The Year Of Living Dangerously (NOB)


    Mike's Murder (NOB)
    Police Academy (NOB)
    Purple Hearts (NOB)
    Swing Shift (NOB)
    The Cannonball Run 2 (NOB)
    Cal (VHS)
    The Little Drummer Girl (NOB)
    Oh, God! You Devil (NOB)
    Razorback (NOB)
    Protocol (NOB)
    Reckless (NOB)
    Misunderstood (VHS)
    Electric Dreams (VHS)
    Just The Way You Are (NOB)
    Nothing Lasts Forever (NOV)
    Mrs. Soffel (NOB)
    Oxford Blues (NOB)

  2. Patrick McCart

    Patrick McCart Lead Actor

    May 16, 2001
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    Georgia (the state)
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    Patrick McCart
    Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island is on DVD, as are the rest of the compilation films.
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