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    Note that last week the cumulative TBO for the 2Q 2012 vs 2Q 2011 comparison was almost -12% down YoY which matched well with Blu-ray only being up +2.8% in revenues YoY for the 2Q.
    Because of the large new release box office advantage for week 26 in favor of 2Q 2012 in just one week that TBO comparison dropped 11% from -11.98 to only -7.00% 2Q YoY TBO.
    There was in other words extreme volatility in the cumulative 2Q TBO measurement in just a single week.
    One significant reason that this year's TBO disparity for the last week did not result in that much of a year over gain from last year is that last year's TBO numbers did not account for the home video sales strength of the leading Blu-ray title for the week The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Edition Blu-ray set which since it was not a new theatrical release counts as zero in the cumulative TBO statistics.
    Also noted is the the 2Q TBO figures from last year do not account for the significant first two weeks of April 2011 sales from Tangled since it was released on March 29, 2012 (its counted as 1Q 2011 TBO) but added substantial sales in 2Q 2012.
    Also noted is that the week 26 2Q 2011 TBO figures also include only the first week sales of Wrath of the Titans and 21 Jump Street as they are included in this year's 2Q TBO figures but in a similar fashion to Tangled from last year their contributory sales from second and third week and beyond sales will be accounted for in the 3Q 2012 period even though all of their TBO is accounted for in their release week which falls in 2Q 2012.
    Such is the case in quarterly comparisons when strong releases occur near the boundaries of the periods.
    This week through week 26:

    Last week through week 25:

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