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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by JoeDiMarco93, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Ok, this is becoming annoying... Due to the recent "budget cutbacks" for myself, I have not been able to construct a home theater as I have been wanting for quite some time. But, I think the time is finally here! Sooo, i'm sure everyone is aware of the Sony BDP-CX7000ES - 400 Disc Blu-Ray Mega Changer! Problem is, it has too many faults! The 400 disc capacity is FANTASTIC, but the lack of 3D support, a poor UI, slow speed, and many other drawbacks are annoying, especially since Sony hasn't made any changes to the thing since its initial 2008 release... I expect more from an ES product. One major plus is the price (only $1900), also the home automation certification. Honestly, I'm sure it cant be to hard to upload a Kaleidescape-like UI onto a system like this, and it SURE AS HELL doesn't have to cost the price of a new Ford
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    Actually, you can pick one up at a Sony Outlet for $399.99. I grabbed one at the Rehoboth Beach DE store. They are blowing them out. It's marked B-Stock and in the original box, not refurb so from what I've read, it still has the 5 year warranty too. They are going fast.

    I suspect they are coming out with a new model that will probably have most of that. This one I believe does support SACD from what I've read in the manual. I seriously doubt though anyone will bother with DVD audio though.

    I personally don't care about 3D, wireless or multi-linking. I'm sure a lot do though. Faster access times and a better gui would be nice though. A keyboard interface too. For this price too, can't beat it.

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