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Jan 5, 2007
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I have a PB 12 sub that was sitting idle for several years (it is basically brand new in the box!) I finally got around to finishing the room that it is set up in and hooking it up. I turned it on, and the two green lights came on for a second and went out. After taking it apart I noticed that the 2amp fuse was blown. I replaced it and it blew immediately. I even tried a 4amp fuse (all fuses were slow blow) and that blew instantly. In a last ditch effort, I jumped across the fuse and plugged it in. I figured that whatever fried was the bad component, and i would try to repair it. the transformer became hot very quickly so i cut the power. I have seen other postings that state that there are problems with the amps in these. I called Harman and they told me that if I cut the power cord off and cut the paper cone out on the speaker and sent it in to them they will send me a new Sub 12(the new model as the PB12 is discontinued). the cost for the new sub is $200 - they are telling me it retails for something like $400-$500. Is there any way to repair the old unit before I butcher it up? or is the new SUB 12 worth the $$$. Thanks for the help.


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Apr 27, 2004
I'd say look around and see what you can get for $200. If the JBL is better, then get the new one.

I had trouble with my JBL PB12, like many people, and finally ripped out the amp and wired an outboard amp in place. It never sounded so good.... You might want to do the same thing, since you can get decent amps for $200 - that is, if you don't mind the funky look of an amp piled on top of a sub box!

Brad Russell

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Aug 13, 2003
i have an older psb sub that has had two of there amps go bad. (after a few minutes you get a loud low rumble even without a signal.) i have the 500 watt bash amp from parts express on its way for $160. the old amp is 180 rms so i'm asuming it should be a great upgrade.

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