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    Our dorm has two fuses going to it. One of them always blows. The one that blows has the HT (found in my sig) and my computer plugged into it. I'm also using two surge protectors.
    Sometimes the fuse blows for no reason. In other words, everything, except my computer, may be off, but it goes out anyway! Sometimes it just resets and my alarm clock flashes 12:00.
    We may have to plug everything into the good wall, but in the meantime, does anyone know what's up and/or a possible remedy??
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    Not wanting to scare you, but I suggest you call an electrician PDQ! If the circuit blows for no apparent reason I suspect you have a short (or break) somewhere in the circuit path. It could be at the electrical panel, somewhere in the wall(s) or even at the receptacle(s) you plug into. Note that this may take some major work to track down, but in the end you'll feel safer knowing that your residence isn't going to be destroyed by an electrical fire.
    I had a similar situation in my computer room a few years back. Every once in a while I would hear this strange buzzing noise that sounded like electrical arcing. It occurred even when I turned off all the equipment in the room. I decided to take a look and what I found really scared me. The condo I live in was renovated about 10 years ago but unfortunately they didn't remove the old aluminum based electrical wiring.
    This old wiring gets very brittle with age and as such I found a wire broken just as it connected to a receptacle. The amount of burning/arcing had melted part of the receptacle before it self-welded itself back to the screw that it was supposed to be connected to. I got lucky, but I then checked all receptacles in the house, making repairs as necessary. I also had an electrician check the connections at my electrical panel, and he made some minor repairs there as well. All in all, money well spent for piece of mind.
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