Blood Simple: Which versions better?

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    I just found the orginal theatrical cut on LD & picked it up just in case. I haven't seen the film yet & was wondering which version is better?
    From reviews i've read,while the changes are small,most prefered the original version over the DC.
    I don't have a LD player yet,but plan on getting one sometime & could go and buy or rent the dvd,but may wait on that.
    Hopeflly Universal will release both versions someday...hey that'd make a real worthy Ultimate Edition,than there current UE crap they have,lol.
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    I've beaten this horse before, but since you asked....I'm stickin' with my LD.

    There are other Coen duplications in my collection, P&S LDs that were followed by WS LDs, but the reworking of Blood Simple that resulted in just kissing the original goodbye really irritated me. I ain't buying that DVD.

    If anyone can educate me about how much picture is lost on the LD version, I'd like to know.


    "Jesus Crist you are disgustin'" [a line you WON'T hear on the DVD]

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