Blew AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS recording...

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    I appreciate the heads up on the TCM widescreen showing of ATWI80D, and actually paid for an entire month of satellite service just to get it, but found afterward that one of my audio patch cords was defective and wound up only recording the left channel. Too bad - the directional sound on this film is wonderful. Other than some color shifting, the 141-minute (shortened) print on TCM was outstanding - best color I've seen since 1956 and 2.35:1 to boot (a tad short of the required 2.55:1, so a bit of information was lacking on far edges). However, it will be re-broadcast on March 15th at 10:30 p.m., and I will be ready this time!
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    It's being restored hopefully for a late 2002/early 2003 release (Mainly DVD...possibly theatrical since it's being restored from 65mm)
    The 30fps 70mm prints had an aspect ratio of 2.21:1
    The 24fps 35mm prints had an aspect ratio of 2.35:1
    Both the 30fps and 24fps negatives are 65mm and have a 2.21:1 aspect ratio. Anamorphic prints simply squeezed that image for non-70mm equipped theatres.
    On Martin Hart's website (, there's a picture from a CinemaScope frame from the 1950's. The aspect ratio when unsqueezed is 2.35:1. Why? The sound was mono. Basically, you don't see the Todd-AO version, you don't hear all the sound. It looks like the 1983 reissue used the Todd-AO soundtrack remixed to stereo since the fidelity was excellent.

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