Black spots (Superbit DVD)

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Frank J, Nov 8, 2003.

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    I have a friend who has had a few of his DVD films display small black spots on his Screen. He works for a Home Cinema Shop and has tried the same films of different Screens and players with different cables. So we know that the problem comes form the disc. What he would like to know, does any one have the same problem and if Yes, have you found the reason why and how to stop it.........

    I have said it sounds like the disc is stored in a poor location e.g. direct Sun light, but his is not the case. He has said, may be a magnet charge around the discs, due it the DVD films being around the mains supply. But not true too.

    Any way the true is he and i do not know why.

    The discs are kept very clean with no marks or finger prints.

    Please bear in mind that do have a good understanding about DVD players screens and cables, but have no understanding to why some of his films have outputed black spots.

    The Disc when bought did not do this at first, but later (few months) he found a few discs displaying black spots on the screen (Plasma screen )

    Can any one please help.?

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    Damage to a disck would cause this sort of problem, due to the digital nature of DVD data. Damage might cause skipping, or momentary pixellation/green shift in the picture (or just a chunk of it), but not small dots. I would assume the transfer itself just isn't spotless.

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