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    I hear you should have this setting OFF, but I have calibrated multiple times with it on, and off. Im not shure if having it ON is better for this TV.

    I have a Mitsubishi 52" RPTV HDTV platinum model.

    The manual says "The contrast in dark scenes is enhanced for better picture quality. Brighter scenes will not be affected.

    On the Mitsubishi RPTV's do you guys have Black enhancement off or on. I have the setting OFF on my Denon 910 DVD player.
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    When I had my Mits. 55" RPTV, I always kept it on. Try it both ways with a "dark" movie and see which you like better.
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    To get a true comparison, if you turn enhanced black on, you need to recalibrate. If you turn enhanced black off, you need to recalibrate.

    It is possible that with the enhanced black set one way the calibrations won't go far enough. In that case set the enhanced black the other way.

    Technically the data on a DVD has black=15 and white=235 on a scale of 1 to 255. For enhanced black off the DVD range 15 to 235 is spread out over a different output scale, 7.5 to 100.0. For enhanced black on the DVD range 15 to 235 is spread out over output range 0.0,to 100.0. Some TV sets cannot distinguish the range 0.0 to 7.5 and for those sets the DVD player should be set to enhanced black off.

    If the TV is calibrated so black to white matches 7.5 to 100.0, the TV distinguishes only 7.5 to 100.0, and the DVD player is set to enhanced black off, the picture will be the same as if the TV is calibrated so black to white matches 0.0 to 100.0, the TV can distinguish all of 0.0 to 100.0, and the player has enhanced black on.

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