Bizarre user convergence problem on Panny 53WX42. Help!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by TedE, Jun 7, 2003.

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    I've only had my Panny 53WX42 since last Saturday so it does not have many hours on it yet, but I'm getting some strange behavior. The first time I turned it on I went through the setup: adjusted all the normal user settings and did both sets of user convergence. At the time I noticed that the screen geometry (I guess that's what you call it) was off; the entire screen was rotated about 1 degree counter-clockwise (I could tell this from how the main green convergence lines lined up with the marks on the cabinet). That bothered me but the difference is so slight that I couldn't notice it from my normal viewing distance.

    The first night that I had it on for any extended period of time was when I had the cable hooked up. It was on for about an hour and a half while I played around with some settings and adjusted for the cable signal (on the ANT2 input).

    I then popped in a movie (COMPONENT1 input, prog scan player) and noticed that as soon as the set got a signal from the DVD player I saw a bright white line on the left side of the screen that was about 1/4 inch wide at the bottom left and disappeared as it went towards the top left. It was as if the rotation of the screen had "uncovered" a portion of the bottom left picture that wasn't being scanned by the DVD signal. I had not noticed this at all in the cable signal.

    I went into the convergence from this input and to my surprise the horizontal green line stopped about 1/2 inch from the left edge of the screen, as if the entire convergence grid had been shifted to the right. However, the vertical convergence line was NOT shifted to the right(or maybe only slightly, but not off by the 1/2 inch that the horizontal one was). Huh?!?! I then swapped back to the ANT2 input and checked the convergence: it was off by the same amount. I guess there was enough overscan in the ANT2 signal to cover this up, but the DVD signal should fit just perfectly to the screen so it being off by a small amount is noticable.

    So I had this bright white line on the left which is very annoying when watching DVDs with dark scenes (and anything that has bars on the bottom). And I'm also worried about burn-in now.

    So he's the strangest part. This morning I turn the set on to check it and measure and the convergence problem is GONE! Popped in a DVD, no white line on the left, convergence grid was lined up (with the same rotation as before, but the horizontal line went all the way to the left edge). I left it on cable for awhile and checked it an hour and a half later and the convergence line was shifted again!!! So this only shows up when the TV has warmed up. Anybody seen this before? If you turn it off for 10 minutes then back on the convergence will be shifted; it only goes back to normal when you have the set off for long periods of time and it has cooled down completely.

    I'm going to have this thing ISFed later in the summer, but for now: Help? [​IMG] Can anything be done in the service menu? I was waiting to get some more hours on the set before going in and doing those adjustments, but if it's something obviously off that can be fixed I'll do it now. Thanks!!
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    I wouldn't even bother trying to diagnose this. Return the set immediately. I hope you didn't get it online.


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