Billy Idol's New Single - Scream

Discussion in 'Music' started by Brian L, Feb 10, 2005.

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    This was mentioned in the ongoing 80's thread, but I thought it would be worthy of its own thread....

    Billy Idol is out with a new track, and it kicks ass.

    I happened to see that iTunes had it listed, and gave the sample a listen. Wow, vintage Billy Idol. This track rocks, and would fit right in on Rebel Yell. I liked it enough to do a downlaod.

    As AricB posted in the 80's thread, it has Steve Stevens on it (The web site says they are co-writing tunes for his new LP which is due in March), and while I could not find anything on the rest of the band its a great track in the Billy Idol tradition.

    Now, the lyrics are pretty dumb, but I was not expecting Shakespear, so I guess you can say they fit the tune well.

    I recently played my vinyl copy of Rebel Yell, and thought it held up pretty well, and as a bonus, it was a pretty well recorded LP. File it under "guilty pleasures" I guess. If the rest of the new LP sounds as good as Scream, I'm there.

    There is also a tour listed, which could be cool assuming they play in smaller venues (Yeah, like he has the option to play arenas???[​IMG])

    Billy does look a bit old to be doing the blonde spikes and the sneer, but I guess that IS Billy Idol, so what the hell? It just wouldn't be right to see him in Khakis on the golf course.

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    glad you liked it. I'll check out the whole album when it comes out, he's supposed to be pretty good live... and no its not shakespeare, but neither was the older material, so i thought it fit in.

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