BILLY BUDD (1963)... If you'd seen it, you'd want it on DVD

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Dick, Jan 2, 2004.

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    The frustrating thing about trying to get a studio to release a particular catalog title is that too few people on a given forum have seen it and will support its release. BILLY BUDD, shown in widescreen on TCM only a couple of times a few years back (and not since then) is such a film. It was based on the Herman Melville ("Moby Dick") novel, and was directed by one of the stars, Peter Ustinov. This was Terence Stamp's film debut (as Billy) and is a brilliant indictment of both the death penalty and the British code of honor which demanded punishment at sea even given extenuating circumstances. Has arguably Robert Ryan's finest role as the evil Claggart. It was filmed in 2.35:1 black and white and is one of the finest, most provocative military adventures ever made. Yet, it has not been available on video for many years (and only on pan and scan VHS). It was an Allied Artists production - probably their most prestigious - and I believe Warner Bros. has the rights. PLEASE help me to urge Warner for the release of this brilliant film on DVD!
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    A brilliant and beautiful film, about injustice.

    If there was much justice, it would be seen by more people.

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