Big speakers = more exciting, dynamic sound?

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    I was just wondering that.

    I own a set of Definitive Technology BP8Bs. Nice speakers, but they only have 4 in. woofers. So I added a PowerField 15 to them. The sound is now a lot more balanced, with very deep and smooth lows.

    I had already forgotten about a pair of JBL LX66s I own. Those speakers have twin 8 in. woofers, a 4 in. mid and the ubiquitous JBL titanium tweeter. I like those speakers a lot; it seems to me they are one of the last "good" JBL speakers (I wonder why, but they are made in Denmark).

    Anyway, the sound from the JBLs is nothing like the sound of the Definitive combo. The JBLs can't reach the lows the Definitive can, but they are a lot more... visceral? Aggressive? Punchy? Their sound is more exciting, they have a presence the Definitive doesn't. They are more "real" (even if their timbre and colorations aren't - something I haven't yet evaluated).

    Anyway, I just found a pair of LX22's (with a 6 in. woofer and the same titanium tweeter) so I was thinking... would I be better off by building a home theater using the JBLs instead of the Definitives, even if I haven't yet found a center channel for them? I am thinking about the possibilities. The LX66 in front, the LX22 in the rear, and a huge Velodyne sub, instead of an all Definitive setup. Ideas? Suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Depends on what sounds best to you. I think the larger woofers might be more efficient at lower frequencies. Not just more bass, cause you have a subwoofer for that, but more efficient. I found that going from 2 way speakers that had 8 inch woofers to a set of speakers with 3 6.5 inch woofers resulted in very obvious and noticable improvement in clarity and very noticable increase in speaker efficency. Whenever you buy new speakers, I would always recommend going for more efficient speakers. They can play louder with less effort and use less amp power.

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