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Ryan Peddle

Second Unit
Nov 28, 1999
I have unfortunately decided that I need a bit of extra money to pay for college and the only way I can do it is to sell off a load of my dvds.
Every dvd I have is in mint condition, and the cases are well kept as well.
(as a side note I am not interested in trades at all)
Also all prices are in Canadian Dollars. If you are from another country and need to know what the exchange is go towww.exchangerate.com
Paypal is my perfered method of payment, but will take a check and have it sent out once the check clears.
Shipping dvds from here usually cost 3 dollars to most places, so add in 1.50 (or half the del cost) to the prices.
Here is my list:
Aliens ***SOLD***
Analyze This ***SOLD***
Any Given Sunday ***SOLD***
Armageddon non CC ***SOLD***
Astronauts Wife (8.00)+ 1/2 shipping
Austin Powers II ***SOLD***
Beetlejuice ***SOLD***
Being John Malkovich (15.00)+ 1/2 shipping
Blade ***SOLD***
Beyond the Mat (14.00)+ 1/2 shipping
The Bone Collector DTS ***SOLD***
The Edge ***SOLD***
The Enforcer (6.00)+ 1/2 shipping
The Fallen (8.00)+ 1/2 shipping
The Fifth Element ***SOLD***
Fight Club ***SOLD***
GI Joe the Movie (14.00)+ 1/2 shipping
Grosse Point Blank ***SOLD***
Gone in 60 Seconds 2000 ***SOLD***
Heat ***SOLD***
Hollow Man ***SOLD***
House on Haunted Hill ***SOLD***
The Haunting DTS ***SOLD***
The Iron Giant ***SOLD***
Just Cause (6.00)+ 1/2 shipping
The Last of the Mohicans DTS ***SOLD***
Lost in Space Promo ***SOLD***
The Mask of Zorro ***SOLD***
The Matrix ***SOLD***
Meet the Parents DTS ***SOLD***
Mission Impossible 2 ***SOLD***
The Mummy non UE ***SOLD***
The Ninth Gate (11.00)+ 1/2 shipping
The Perfect Storm ***SOLD***
Pink Floyd the Wall ***SOLD***
Pleasantville ***SOLD***
Prince of Egypt DD ***SOLD***
The Proffesional (6.00)+ 1/2 shipping
Saving Private Ryan DTS ***SOLD***
Scary Movie (12.00)+ 1/2 shipping
The Sixth Sense ***SOLD***
Speed ***SOLD***
Starship Troopers ***SOLD***
Three Kings ***SOLD***
The Thirteenth Floor ***SOLD***
Top Gun ***SOLD***
U-571 DTS ***SOLD***
The Waterboy ***SOLD***
What Lies Beneath DTS ***SOLD***
Please remember all prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARs, most U.S. prices are a little over half what is written.
I am pretty firm on all the prices since I am going below half what most store sell them for. Please email me at [email protected] and tell me which titles you are interested in. Remember First come first serve.
Thanks a lot.
Oops, I dropped my eardrums.
Could you pick them up for me?
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Ryan Peddle

Second Unit
Nov 28, 1999
Boom....wow guys, you guys are great. Within 25 minutes of me posting this I have sold 21 of my precious dvd's.
I wish I didn't have to sell my dvd's but college is one heck of a lot more important than dvd's that if I really want to can buy back in the future. The more I pay for my tuition now the less I have to pay back afterwards.
Thanks again to everyone that has emailed me so far. There are still lots more there, so keep the emails coming.
Ryan P
Marc, your a crazy man,....man.
Oops, I dropped my eardrums.
Could you pick them up for me?

Marc Carra

Supporting Actor
Aug 31, 1997
Come on guys! I can't believe Ryan still has some discs left. These prices are amazing. Get'em while you can.

Andrew Pratt

Senior HTF Member
Dec 8, 1998
ryan I sent you an email regarding Paypal billing...they're in US funds


Jeff Blair

Second Unit
Apr 30, 2000
hey, YGM. :) I will also use PayPal.
Jeff Blair
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