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Big Dig Open! (1 Viewer)

Steven K

Supporting Actor
Jan 10, 2000
Well, half of it anyway... After almost 20 years of construction, the underground northbound lanes of the I-93 Central Artery (which runs right through downtown Boston) are open to the public.

Officially called the "Liberty Tunnel," the total distance of the tunnel is a little over 2 miles in length.

My wife and I decided we needed to go to Costco yesterday, mainly just so that we would have an excuse to take the new tunnel.

Traffic, even though it was a traditionally dead Sunday, was very heavy. The tunnel entrance starts right before South Station and emerges near the Fleet Center, onto the brand new Leonard P. Zakin Bunker Hill Bridge. Only time will tell if this $15 billion project pays off.

Has anyone else driven through yet?

Michael Silla

Second Unit
Jul 27, 2001
15 Billion?

And John McCain complained about Utah's I-15 project ;) ;) ;)

Seriously, I need to visit Boston one of these days. Here is one more reason.


Joseph S

Senior HTF Member
Dec 23, 1999
This was built during the perfect time, while I've been away. :D I lasted until the start of temp expressway portions were created and have only seen the progress rather than the traffic jams during my visits back. During high school I had the "pleasure" of suffering through the resurfacing and lane expansion of the expressway. The only enjoyable part of that ride was keeping track of the MCI counter and the elimination of the original Multicolored Boston Gas Tank (now labeled "Keyspan" after they ripped off the usb/serial peripheral maker's name) and the painting of the White tank.

When are the upper levels coming down for the parks or rather the not planned for commercial space sold to pay for cost overruns? ;)

I've only been through the Ted Williams on several occasions and some of the newer on/off ramps in the South Bay to South Station section. Even the temporary stuff is better than what was there in the early 90s. I'm sure glad they did it when they did, because if it didn't the future travel in that region would have quickly become a nightmare in these times of budget shortfalls. That Maine/NH/VT bridge is just awful and was crumbling the last I heard.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 31, 2001
Won't traffic just increase due to the "convenience" and it'll end up worse than before?

In any case, it's a fascinating project, put a lot of people to work (including for those specials on the Discovery Channel that I watched) and irked Boston's crazy drivers (I've been there. I've driven there. They're crazy) so it's all to the good! :D

And you got a purty bridge with a silly name out of it!

Dan D.

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 29, 1999
Haven't been through it yet but I'm sitting right next to the south entrance right now. Apparently much of Sunday's traffic was caused by the fact that about 50% of the people through had either a camera or a camcorder in their hands. I think I'll let people get used to it, then head over one evening later this week.

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