Bi-Wiring My New Klipsch Ref 7's...need a little help

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    Hey everyone!
    I just purchased a whole Klipsch Ref 7 setup (1 Pair RF-7, 1 RC-7, 2 Pair RS-7). I am waiting to get them and in the mean time I want to purchase new speaker wire and possibly connectors. I want to Bi-Wire the Center and Left-Right Front speakers. My dilemma is not bi-wiring the speakers, but bi-wiring the receiver end (which is a Denon 5800). I can't seem to figure out how I am going to connect 2 connections of speaker cable to the Left, Right and Center terminals. I usually use banana plugs, but those won't work as the wire goes in to the bottom of the plug (compression type), so I can't put 1 plug in the terminal and another in the other B-plug. I thought about going bare wire, but fitting 2 wires under the terminal would be really hard as the hole on the side isn't very big. Anyone have any suggestions? I could really use some help on this one. Thanks to all!
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    thought you might be interested on Klipsch' read on biwiring. this comes straight from them
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    Matt: Unfortunately these are questions we (Klipsch) probably can't answer. Most EE's (this is not a disparaging remark) including our own don't subscribe to the concept of high end wire or the proposed theories of why, or if, bi-wire works. Much of what is claimed can't be measured with conventional techniques or at all. The presence of bi-wire inputs on the speakers is not due to the engineers. There inclusion is the result of produduct development and sales requesting them due to their presence on competitive product and the opinions of the non EE's at Klipsch and the "audiophile" community. The customers best source for info is probably the wire companies (certainly not an unbiased source). Some of them will be able to back up their claims and some will not. My opinion remains unchanged, better wire and biwiring usually make a significant difference for the better (sometimes for the worse) but I can't prove why it does.
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    I also have the RF-7's bi-wired to the Denon 5800. I just ran two equal length heavy gauge speaker wire into the terminals on the Denon. If you notice on the Denon's terminals that the top and bottom of the terminals are flat. It is easy to slide bare wire directly into the top and bottom area of the terminal. Do not insert the speaker wire at an angle into the terminal.
    I have done this for my center channel as well.
    Works great, sounds fantastic.

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