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    I have a question concerning the speaker set up of my system. I currently have 3 Marantz Monoblocks, and I can get a fourth very easily.

    1st Question.

    Which is a better way to use these amps with my PSB Image 6t's. Should I bridge the amps to get like 300W, and then send that over bi-wire to the speakers, or should I direectly bi-amp the speakers? Are these two concepts listed above the same thing?

    2nd Question.

    Using a source selector or speaker selector, is there any way to utilize the setup listed above for listening to strictly music, and then throw a switch to use the amps in the Marantz 8200 receiver when running Home Theater? My purpose is to have equal power to all speakers in HT, and to really bump it up a notch when listening to music. I hope this question is clear. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Hi Jonathan,

    First, Welcome to the Forum!

    From what I’ve heard, generally you only want to bridge amps for subs, not the mains. The added power comes at the expense of sound quality because amps aren’t as stable when bridged. In addition, the impedance of the speakers becomes critical to a bridged amp.

    The second question I don’t get. Isn’t there a switch on your front end somewhere to disengage the extra speakers for music? Also, the notion to get the most power for music seems backwards. Most people listen to music at lower levels than movies.

    If I’m missing something, please help me out.

    Happy Holidays,

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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