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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by PhilDi, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Sep 21, 2005
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    I just bought a SVS CS-Ultra and am planning on driving it with an extra Adcom amp that I have.

    I read through the online tutorial on the setup which describes the method to optimize the input level to the BFD and then balance the SPL of the sub to the other speakers.

    First, it describes using the sub level control in the AV receiver to match the input sensitivity of the BFD. Easy enough.

    Then it suggests adjusting the volume level on the sub itself to match the SPL of the sub with the other speakers in the system. That is where the problem arises. Since I'm using a passive sub with an external amp (no volume control), I can't make this final adjustment.

    How have those with a similar setup to mine managed this situation?

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    I have 16-46CS+s, but I have the Samson amp which has gain controls.

    You are going to have to use the sub level controls in the receiver to set the level of the sub, and hope it does not overload the BFD.

    just ignore the part of matching the input level of the BFD at first. Do everyhing else. Then just watch the LEDs and make sure you are not clipping the BFD. (If the level is not lighting up the LEDs at all the input level might be too low which could add distortion).

    If you end up not being able to stay in the range of the BFD you will have to get an external gain control for the sub after the BFD.

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