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Beware of purchasing from Clay Douglas Major... (1 Viewer)

Jared K

Mar 3, 2004
Well, after years of successful dealings online, I have been ripped-off twice in the last few months. Both purchases involved laserdiscs (one transaction had nothing to do with HTF).

On April 4th, I paid for 5 laserdiscs via PayPal from Clay Douglas Major (HTF username Clay D. Major). He had responded to my posting expressing my desire to purchase laserdiscs. After 2 weeks with no laserdiscs, I dropped him an email for an update and he informed me that he had been out of town and would ship my laserdiscs within a few days and would email me a tracking number. Over the course of the next few weeks I received neither a tracking number nor any reply to numerous emails sent to him. On May 4th I filed a claim with PayPal (the absolute last day I could file such a claim). Clay Douglas Major did not respond to PayPal's request for a tracking number or proof of a refund.

Today (5/12) I received a notice from PayPal informing me that PayPal was concluding its investigation. They found that the seller was at fault, but that they were unable to recover any funds from the seller.

So, as a public service, I would like to inform everyone here of my bad experience. If Clay Douglas Major would like to come forth to offer a defense, I would welcome it. If he provides either a full refund or the 5 laserdiscs that I purchased from him, I would be happy to edit this posting to reflect that fact.

I love the HTF and the sense of community here, but please keep 2 things in mind when buying. First is that HTF membership does not guarantee honesty, and second that PayPal can't always get your money back even if the seller doesn't deliver promised goods.

Jared Kaufman


Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2002
Real Name
Cameron Yee
Sorry to hear about your experience. I hope he has the integrity to rectify the situation.

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