Beware of Amazon trade-in program

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    Charles Smith
    The following question applies to people, like me, who are not interested in being "sellers" on eBay or Amazon or whatnot -- we just want to keep our castoff DVDs and BLUs moving and get a reasonable few bucks for them now and then.

    Given the vagaries of Amazon's trade-in program (especially the number of titles, including Criterions, that aren't even eligible for trade-in at a given time), I decided to have a look at FYE's "sell to us" program just to compare the trade-in values. Oddly, I found they like my stuff better! Just in case anyone here can possibly answer a question or two:

    Are FYE's trade-in values the same online as at the stores? I used to do a fair amount of trade-in at the stores, but I never knew if the values were the same from one store to another. (And now that they've closed so many of them, and the closest stores are an hour away, it's not so inviting to drive around and have things scanned at different stores to find out.)

    Has anyone used the online program, and do you have any comparison to make between FYE's and Amazon's?
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    The trade in prices for videos seem to be not worth the effort.

    HOWEVER sometimes you may have old books on the shelf that still have value.

    I bought a BMW Z3 service manual 10 years ago for $40. I never used it (never bought the car) and I was thinking of putting it in a box of books to donate. Amazon gave me $25 for it.

    Amazon is also giving me $30 for a textbook on control theory I bought as a reference for work 10 years ago. Turns out that edition is still in use as a text.

    Yes I could have gotten more but the ease of getting some money is worth my effort. Beats donating it to the library book sale.

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