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Better Deals than Onkyo TXSR600 & SKSHT500 Package for $499? (1 Viewer)


May 8, 2003
I'm trying to assist my brother who recently bought a Toshiba 57 H83 HDTV and is thus entering the world of home theater. Unfortunately the world of audio is brand new to him, and despite my personal preference for Paradigm and other higher end speakers and components, it is unlikely he will make the leap to the mid to higher end - he's enthusastically looking into "package" deals, and I've recently had to talk him out of buying a Yamaha package at Best Buy for $799 (link ).

For $499, about $550 shipped with the 2 year extended warranty (given it is a refurbished package) any thoughts as to whether my brother can find a better package deal than the Onkyo package listed on their website for the TXSR600 receiver and SKSHT500 speaker package? (link )

Now I know the receiver is good - very highly rated on these boards and at avreview.com - but the speaker package seems just so-so. Given the relative weakness of the speaker package I'm hesistant to make this a "must buy" - but for $499 and with the quality of the receiver this seems like one of the best packaged out there.

Thoughts or recommendations (please don't recommend buying seperates - I've tried that route and he WANTS a package). Keep in mind that by asking for "better deals" my thoughts are to balance the price and performance aspects - a cheap package that doesn't perform is worthless - and seems hard to find given a 500 - 800 budget! Thanks for any advice!


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Nov 2, 1998
The speakers are actually quite good for the price (especially the subwoofer.) It looks like they don't include a back surround speaker in the package though, so you'll want to pick up the SKB-100 speaker on Onkyo's website.

Rob TT

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Feb 1, 2002
I bought the onkyo package from there website and I highly recommend it. When you become a new member, you get 10 points which gives you 10 dollars off. Shipping was free which is great because the packages weigh a ton. You get points when you buy the package as well. Once you get all the products registered, you will have enough points to get the rear center for almost free. All the products look brand new to me. Plus it sounds great in my opinion. Look at circuit city's reviews for the speaker package. I don't think you can get a better system for the price.

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