Best/Worst/Easiest/Hardest College Class You Ever Took

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  1. Dome Vongvises

    Dome Vongvises Lead Actor

    May 13, 2001
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    Best: Film

    - I don't think this needs explanation

    Worst: Spanish

    - Biggest waste of time ever, or any other foreign language for that matter. When are people going to realize that foreign language should only be taught from childhood? The only words I can use are still taco and burrito.

    Easiest: Calculus I

    - Slept through class, never made below a 97 on ANY test.

    Hardest: Analytical Chemistry

    - Might be the only C I've ever made.
  2. Nigel W

    Nigel W Extra

    Nov 24, 2000
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    Best: Any drama/speech class

    Worst: Any statistics course

    Easiest: Physic

    Hardest: This one still haunts me - anyone that asks

    me why I didn't finish my math minor gets an earful:

    Mathematical Logic - I have no idea how I passed this class, it still is the hardest thing that I have ever had to try and get through. The text book is the only book

    that I kept as I reminder of when I just had no clue!
  3. John Thomas

    John Thomas Cinematographer

    Mar 23, 2000
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    Wishing that film classes were available for electives, here's mine:

    Biology 220/Genetics. Ok, I am a fer-eak. The professor made it fun, along with my classmates. Great class.

    Worst: Calculus II. Oh. My. God. How boring math is. It's so, so...absolute. Agh.

    Easiest: Modern History. The stuff is so easy. Never attended class until exam days and aced the class.

    Hardest: Analytical Chemistry. Gotta agree with Dome here. Calc2 was the worst because of the boredom however fairly easy; this class was the most time consuming. I was always, ALWAYS studying for this one.
  4. Danny Tse

    Danny Tse Producer

    Nov 1, 2000
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    Best: Asian American Experience

    Worst: Quantitative Methods(still have no idea what it is)

    Easiest: History of Rock 'n Roll

    Hardest: Any class dealing w/numbers
  5. JohnRice

    JohnRice Lead Actor

    Jun 20, 2000
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    Best Probably Film as Literature (I was a Literature minor) this exposed me to some great films and was the first time I really analyzed them. I also enjoyed my Photomicrography, Architectural Photography and Scanning Photography courses.
    Worst History of Photography or something like that. The prof put me to sleep.
    Easiest Materials and Processes of Photography. Most people had fits with this one, but I just had a mind for it.
    Hardest either Ideology and the Political Process or some Economics class I took. I didn't have a mind for either.
  6. Kevin T

    Kevin T Screenwriter

    Jul 12, 2001
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    best: social factors in human sexual behavior. just a very interesting course.

    worst: social psychology: met once a week for 4 hours...too bad it was 8 am on saturday with dr. monotone!

    easiest: rapelling. tie on a rope and let gravity do it's job.

    hardest: i have a ba in sociology. nothing i took in college was remotely "hard".

    kevin t
  7. Jenna

    Jenna Second Unit

    Feb 12, 2002
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    Best: "Step Aerobics"

    - I needed something to undo the "Freshman 15"

    Worst: "Microbiology"

    - collecting germ cultures from the toilet with Q-tips!

    Easiest: "The Art of Watching Films"

    - on sunny days, we'd go outside, sit on a grassy hill and discuss films.

    Hardest: "Chemistry"

    - the homework was God awful, and stuff we had to do in lab was insanely boring. Plus the instructor was THE geekiest man I've ever seen. (You could tell he got picked on in school and he exacted his revenge on his students.)
  8. Ryan Potts

    Ryan Potts Stunt Coordinator

    Apr 9, 2002
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    Best: Database Management

    - It was boring, but I enjoyed it quite a bit

    Worst: Every touchy-feely management I had to sit through

    - I already knew how to deal with people, plus it was a lot of common sense

    Easiest: A computer science class about how to use office

    - I skipped most of the lectures and took the tests still did very well in it

    Hardest: "Accounting" and "Finance"

    - the nightmares, the nightmares. I hated this stuff with a passion. numbers and I don't get along too well

    What can you expect from someone with a business degree?

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