Best Wireless Tx/Rx Package for Video Out to the TV?

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    I don't know of any good wireless video Tx/Rx units (repeaters) to transmit video from source to TV or projector.
    But if you are interested in this kind of equipment, be aware that quality can vary widely. It is best if you can audition the equipment using your AVIA test disk before committing to buy it.
    I think you would be better off using connecting cables, not wireless.
    The X10 mentioned in the link handles composite video only, probably not a high enough quality for DVD viewing by most of us on this forum.
    Any device that transmits the video signal as if it were a standard TV channel is a composite only device.
    An extremely simple and inexpensive (about USD 30) method is to get an RF modulator from Radio Shack. Connect the DVD player to this (composite only) and connect the modulator coax to an antenna instead of the TV. The TV has its own antenna and it tunes in this channel (3 or 4). I haven't tried it so I don't know the maximum distance you can transmit the video wireless using rabbit ears antennas.
    It is conceivable that you could transmit S-video using two of the gadgets, or component video using three, except for:
    (1) The gadgets must include Rx (receiver) units since the TV cannot tune in S-video by itself.
    (2) The bandwidth may be far short of what DVD offers, 330 lines of resolution for a broadcast channel,
    (3) The devices sitting next to each other may interfere with each other, and they definitely will if you transmit component video using just channels 3 and 4.
    (4) There may be chroma delay (color doesn't line up with outlines, like a poorly done child's coloring book)
    Video hints:

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