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Best way to tweak 2 subs to remove any phase cancellation?

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Derrik Draven, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Derrik Draven

    Derrik Draven Supporting Actor

    Dec 7, 1998
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    In one corner, the SVSpc16-46pci
    and in the other corner, the challenger, the SVSpc16-46pc+.

    Due to room constraints, I cannot put both in 1 corner and, I'm not stacking them.

    So, each shares it's own corner in the front of the room, flanking the mains, (BP2000tl's) and my tv, (60" Proscan).

    What is the best way to adjust them so that you get rid of any phase problems between the 2?

    I have Avia and an spl but, the tests in Avia clearly state that they are for setting up 1 sub.

    So, I was thinking of just putting one of the subs phase control to 90 and then tweaking the other one to match the "master". Figured 90 would be premium because it would allow the other sub to be adjusted either ahead of 90 or following 90. The other 2 settings 0 and 180, wouldn't leave the other sub anywhere to go if it needed to be adjusted beyond either the 0 degree or 180 degree mark.

    But then, even if I get the subs phased in correctly, then I have to try and set them to the mains as well... [​IMG] Which could easily throw off everything.

    You guys that have calibrated a system with 2 subs, what method did you find to be the easiest? [​IMG]

    What source material did you use that produces a constant, sub only freq, to adjust with?
  2. Frank Carter

    Frank Carter Screenwriter

    Mar 12, 2002
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    I have one sub behind each of my mains, one with out phase control and another will continously variable phase. I played a warble tone at my crossover frequency from my Stryke test cd. With my mains speakers working, I first used only the sub without the continously variable phase, I placed my SPL meter at the main listening position(at ear level) and flip flopped the speaker wire on the sub until I got the highest reading. Then I added the other sub and turned the phase knob until I got the highest reading. That's all there is to it[​IMG].

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