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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Kerry_Hayes, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Hey everyone ...

    I have just recently ordered a 5.1 surround speaker set for my HT, so I am taking this opportunity to re-wire my HT to make sure that I get the best video and audio I can. I am planning on running all video and audio through my receiver. I have read on this forum that I should try to use the same type of video cabling throughout my system, so I plan to use S-video for all video signals. I use my VCR to record my digital satellite signal very frequently. The only problem I have is that my VCR has only composite inputs and outputs. I had planned on running my satellite signal using S-video into the receiver (instead of through the VCR) and then using composite cables to the VCR and back to the receiver (for recording and playing VHS). My TV will be connected to the receiver with S-video. Will this connection get me the best possible video signal from my VCR or is there another way to connect it? Thanks for your input.
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    Kerry: You can buy the cheap $20 Composite-to-SVideo converter from Radio Shack. But the quality ... is not great.

    Your best solution is to contact your Sat company and buy a recording Sat reciever.

    For DirectTV it's called "DirectTivo"
    For Dish it's called "PVR"

    I upgraded to a SVHS VCR because it offers SVideo input and outputs. But we hardly use it after getting our PVR's.

    My VCR is basically gathering dust.

    We have an entire section on Personal Video Recorders You wont regret it.

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