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John Meeks

May 13, 2001
What sounds do you guys use to test systems?

I've found one that's exceptionally good at revealing any flaws in a sub setup: the Changes track (I believe it's 7) on The Parent Trap (1998) score by Alan Silvestri. If you get it, make sure you get the score and not the soundtrack, they're different.

A lot of the tracks I hear just have drums going thump-thump-thump or sine-wave type patterns, and I find these aren't good because they really don't tell much. The Changes track has some very complex patterns, and it has notes as low as 16Hz. It brings out the worst in a system, and really puts it to the test. If that sounds good, anything will.

This is my standard test track since I know how it sounds on most systems. I must say, the SVS seems to have some trouble with it. It seems to be designed to resonate, whereas some of the sounds in the track are just one single cycle, and I can hear that it keeps echoing like a drum. One of the best versions I've heard of it is on my friend's Sunfire sub.

Brian Osborne

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 2, 2005
Someone here had a thread going for this some time ago. I got turned onto the first 10 minutes of LoTR. Crank it up and watch the goosebumps on everyones arms as you hear arrows flying around your room, bodies falling, and when the ring falls, the bass goes way down, I believe under 20 htz for a good sustained amount of time. I use this to show off my theater because it really hits you and shows off the shaker in the floor.
Another one that is really good is the Hell Freezes Over DVD. There are sooo many songs on there with such a great range of sound. It really puts you in the room with them, but you have to have it loud...

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